The "Breakfast Ladee" Breakfast Menu

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Lunch Menu

(Saturday must be Pre-Ordered in advance)

Hot Meals: $10
​Jerk Chicken w/Yellow Rice/Cabbage
Baked Chicken w/Yellow Rice/Cabbage
Jerk Chicken Alfredo/ or Plain
Sandwiches are: $8/w/Potato Chips
w/ choice Munster, Swiss, Provolone or Cheddar cheese
​Cold cuts Turkey, Turkey & Ham, Ham, or Italian- (ham, salami, bologna, & pepperoni).
White/Wheat bread or Croissant.
​Veggie-Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Black Olives 
Curry Chicken Salad/Plain chicken salad on Croissant
Tuna/on White, Wheat, or Croissant
​BLT-Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato 
​Salads: Dressings/ Italian, Vidalia Vinaigrette, Ranch, & Asian Sesame
​House -Mixed green, carrots, cucumber, tomato & crispy onions ($5.00)
​Jerk chicken salad-chicken breast marinated in our jerk seasoning sliced on top of our mixed
​green medley ($8.00)
​Grilled chicken salad-chicken breast marinated on top of our mixed green ($8.00)
Caesar –crisp romaine lettuce w/Caesar dressing and croutons ($5.00)
Jerk Chicken Caesar salad ($8.00)
​Chicken Caesar ($8.00)
Sides: $3.00
House salad
Potato salad 
​Fresh Cole Slaw
​Chips-BBQ or Plain $ .50 
​Cookies- Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, or Sugar-2/$1

​Sweet Potato Pie Slice-$3
​99 Bananas Banana Pudding
​Drinks:​Pineapple Lemonade-$2, Mango Lemonade-$2, Strawberry Lemonade-$2

*We can tailor your meal to specific needs. Lunch Deliveries 10 or more orders free, without delivery will be $10.00.

Wedding Menu Packages

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